IMPORTANT Tips from Renee

Hello new students! A few things to consider before you start sending assignments.

1. Make sure your email "display" name is the name you registered with for the school. This is the name others see when they receive email from you. You can use the help in your email system and search for display name to get directions on changing it.

2. Also, your facebook name should reflect your registered name as well. In the case of a shared account (some couples do this) make sure your last name is in there.

3. Please remember to put what DFH conference you will have attended, after attending, in the form (link next to any written assignment). For Level 2-4 students only, if your second conference requirement will be the graduation (end of the year) conference, please forward to your conference manager (found in APP drop down in guidelines) your email confirmation that you receive when you register for it. Thanks.

4. Lastly, when reviewing products on the DFH website, do not use nicknames, the review manager will not know who you are. Please use first initial and last name. Example R. Gagnon.

I greatly appreciate all your help in these matters, it helps me to correctly record your assignments and nothing will get lost. Blessings on your journey ahead! And feel free to ask your AP or appropriate manager any questions by email.