Activities and Essays


You will be asked to do the technique type videos 2X/week throughout respective semesters - The active or technique type videos have an activity assignment associated with them. Do all or part of the video when you can, preferably 2X/week during the entire semester. If there are 2 active/technique videos in a semester, you may be working out 4X/week, which will greatly improve your worship dance anyway!

Do what you can, when you can. Listen to your and don't over tax yourself. If you are older, especially, and have never had ballet, I would suggest not doing the grand plie'.  

This is an honor system, in place for your personal growth, understanding and that will enhance your movement vocabulary as you dance for the Lord. So, you do not need to turn in anything. It would be nice to hear about your experience doing it in your upload, though.


Throughout the entire four years (should you continue on), you'll be required to write an essay on each and every product, both DVDs and books. 

How and What to Write

  • Videos - Write about several of the exercises or information you saw on the video. Maybe write how you felt about doing the exercises or the ease of instruction. In addition to writing about the information, you could write about yourself as it relates to the topic of the video.
  • Books - Write about several of the ideas or concepts in the book. Maybe talk about what you liked or what/how it helped you. In addition to writing about the information, you could write about yourself as it relates to the topic of the book.
  • It must be between 200 and 400 words.
  • Essays must be posted in 2 places:
    • 1. It can be typed or pasted into the form next to each written assignment.
    • 2. in the body of an email to your immediate AP (Accountability Partner), with the title of the product in the subject line. This means type or paste it right there in the email. Please do not send any sort of attachment or PDF or upload it to a Google something or other. Please just put the essay in the body of an email, just like you would write an email to someone. Thanks!
  • No need to put a cover page. 
  • Your AP will be reading and commenting on your essays. Pastor Lynn will randomly read a sampling of some essays and randomly watch a sampling of some video uploads.

Where and How to Send

Your essays or written assignments will go in the appropriate place in your Moodle folder.

Also, an email containing your essay, must go to your AP (accountability partner). It is vital that you have your AP's email address before assignments are due!  

For level I, your bios, letters of recommendation, photo, application etc. will also go in a form in Moodle. 

When Sending an Essay to your AP - Please only put the title of the product in the subject line, along with if it is a book or DVD.

  • For example put: Ballet I DVD    
  • Please do not put anything else in the subject line.
  • Please do NOT put in the subject line - Your name, level, " ", Re:, etc.
  • Please only put the title of the product and if it is a DVD or book.
  • For example: Divine Choreography Book or Choreography Tips DVD;
  • Prophetic Dance Book or Prophetic Dance DVD.
  • No need to even put essay, because we know they are all essays. Thanks.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to keep all your essays and assignments in a folder on your computer and it is a good idea to have a back up system.  

So the only way to prove when or if you sent in an assignment (if it happens to get lost in cyber space) is if you keep your own copy on file. It may not be a bad idea to keep on file, the email that will have been sent containing a particular assignment. This will show the date you will have sent it in for your credit.

Here are some previous examples of student's essays. Notice how they are clear, concise explanations of what is in the entire DVD or book in 3-4 simple paragraphs.