Download Directions

Directions and Troubleshooting for Downloads 

Please attempt to troubleshoot on your own, before contacting DFH. Thank you.

  1. As soon as you complete your order, you will see a red Download Now link on your receipt. While it is possible to receive your download from that link, it is better if you look for an email that says, “DOWNLOAD NOW” in big red letters. 
  2. Do not lose or delete this email!!! Please keep it. If you do not see this email immediately after you place your order, please check your spam blocker and junk mail folders! If you’ve done everything and run out of your 4 download tries, we can reset your order for four more tries. However, we will only do this if you keep that email with the link. Please look for that email. It comes immediately after you complete your purchase. You may just send an email to [email protected] along with your order number and we can reset your download for 4 more tries. Please finish reading the directions, though, before emailing. Thanks.
  3. Once you click on the “DOWNLOAD NOW” link in the email, you will immediately see the file (book, CD, DVD) being downloaded to your computer. Some people see it on their desktop, most see it go into their downloads folder. 
  4. Please note: While the system has been updated to include mobile devices, there is a remote possibility that it may not download directly into your iPad, tablet or mobile device. If not, download it to your computer first and then send it to your self in an email. OR upload it from your computer to a free "Dropbox" account and then open it in your iPad from Dropbox. It is best viewed on a desk top computer. Though more recently, it has shown fine in a mobile device.
  5. It may take a while to download (maybe 3-5 minutes for books or CDs, 15-20 minutes for DVDs) depending on your internet connection. You must have a good, fast, high speed internet connection to accomplish this. Don’t disturb this process and please have patience. The DVD’s are very large files. Some are up to 2.3GB.
  6. When it is finished downloading, you should be able to either see it on your desktop or you will need to go to your downloads folder in your computer. If it is in your downloads folder, you may double click on it and it should open in whatever program you have that will view DVD’s. The books are in a PDF format. The music will open in various programs, depending on your computer. Most of the DVD’s are m4v files and some are mov (quick time) files. 
  7. MOV is the Apple QuickTime version, so people that use Windows may need to download QuickTime (or another video player) to play the movie. 
  8. There is a free player called “VLC Media Player” that will play just about any file … It comes highly recommend:

Go through the entire downloading process with one of your links. You have at least four opportunities to download each file (book, CD, DVD). Please only use one to its completion first. Search your computer. Do everything you can (see below) before using up your remaining downloads. 

Mobile Device Update:  We were able to get video downloads to work for i-devices (iPhone, iPad, etc). BUT, the video files do not actually download and save to the device. Each video actually streams live to the device every time the person wants to watch it. This is good and bad- it’s good because then you don’t have to wait for the whole file to download in order to play the video, but it’s bad because each time you want to watch the video, you need to be connected to the Internet and much bandwidth is used to stream the video each time. It is still strongly recommended that you save the files on your desk top computer, then transfer to mobile devices so you can watch any time without having to be connected to the Internet, but at least this is no longer a requirement.


What if it won’t download to my computer?  This could mean you may have Internet Explorer, which puts up some blocks for downloads. If this is the case, go to Google and download “Google Chrome”. This is a free browser download that will allow you to download successfully.

OR Your computer may have some kind of block in your settings that disallows downloads from the internet. You may need to temporarily disable that until you’ve downloaded the videos. You may want technical help with that from a computer savvy friend. 

OR You could have a very slow internet connection speed.

What if I get an error message that says download interrupted? That means that for even a millisecond your internet connection may have been lost. If this happens, it will stop the download process. If you live out in the country and have a slow internet connection, or there is a major storm, or there is not a good connection, this may occur. Simply try to download again when there is no storm or when the internet is not as busy or when you have a good connection.

Where is my download? I can’t find it on my computer. As mentioned above, it is more than likely in your downloads folder. In the Safari browser, there is also a small box with an arrow in it in the top right hand corner of the browser. The most recent downloads are in there as well and you may just double click on it or drag it to your desk top and then open it. You can drag if you have an Apple. If you have other browsers, you may just find it in your downloads folder. Most computers have a 'search' function. You can search for it, in your computer, by title.

My default browser is Firefox. Will that work? All the DVD's were created in an Apple computer, which seems to be Safari browser friendly. If your downloading is really slow using Firefox, you may want to try using Safari.

It is recommended that you have a good understanding of your computer and the internet before attempting a download. If you are not as familiar with this process, it is recommended that you just purchase the hard disc.

Extra information:

Here are a few pages that contain information on the security bar/popup blocker in Internet Explorer (IE):