Exceptions to the Rule?

As the time to register for the retreat draws near, along with it come the questions about exceptions to the rule (or way rooms/registration is set up). I've taken on the magnanimous responsibility of handling everything related to registrations, reservations and meals for the event. It took a very, very long time to figure it all out and set it up on the web page. After thinking it all through, the best solution presented itself with 2 simplified options:

1 Person in a room Or 2 People in a room and everything is included.

There really isn't room in the room for any more people. Plus the retreat center disallows and does not make provision for sharing the room with any more people. So, thank you for honoring that.

The price is very reasonable (especially the early savings rate) and includes:

  • Lodging for 3 nights

  • 7 Meals

  • Conference registration

  • Conference theme study book

  • and

  • DFH T-shirt

I know different people may want different things. But, can you imagine the record keeping nightmare if 50-80 people each had special requests:

  • I already have the book, so can you take off the price of the book?

  • I already have 3 DFH tshirts and don’t need another one, can you subtract that?

  • Can you take off the conference fee for my husband who will be staying in the room with me, but doesn't want to attend?

  • I’m a vegan and do not want the meals, can I bring my own and just not charge me for meals?

  • I only eat breakfast and lunch. Can you not charge me for dinner?

  • I have a teenage daughter who wants to join my friend and I. Can the three of us share a room?

  • Can I sleep at a friend’s home who lives near by and just pay for the meals, book, tshirt, and conference?

  • Can I stay at a local hotel, eat my meals out and just pay for the conference? Would I still get the free book and T-shirt?

Do you see how it would be impossible to set up in the registration process every single possible scenario?

With the early savings price for two people in a room being so low, it is nearly like getting all the other things for free or at least at a very, low price. So, if someone wanted to eat off campus somewhere, it would still be inexpensive, overall. 

So, to simplify things, there are two choices: 1 person in a room or 2 people in a room and you get everything else with it.

Make sense? Thanks for understanding and honoring the way the system is set up with generous accommodation and accurate simplicity.

Enjoy and Be Blessed!