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Pastor Lynn Hayden

Pastor Lynn will be teaching/facilitating all of the live online and live in-person (through Zoom) sessions on Friday and Saturday. 



You were sent the bonus videos when you originally registered, but I will also include them at the bottom, under all the other videos. Blessings!

Pastor Wil Bozeman 

Theme related teachings and life changing messages from Friday night and Sunday morning, during the conference. 



Plus Many Other Anointed Teachers...

Aside from Pastor Wil Bozeman, who is an outstanding Bible teacher, this group of amazing individuals are all graduates from at least one level of the Dancing For Him Ministries Online School. They are powerful ministers of the Most High God and wonderfully qualified to teach their impassioned subjects. You will love each and every one of them (as I do) as they share from a pure worshipper's heart. They all have something very special and valuable to offer.

Teaching Videos (to come in March), In Random Order:

Tanya Perez - Texas Location Host - TEACHING SESSION: Spiritual Warfare expressions using Flags, Mattahs, and Mattah war sticks.

Expressive movements that can be used as a form of intercession as it relates to spiritual warfare. These movements can be used to declare the Word of God, creating change in the atmosphere. 

Pamela Dimry - Florida Location Host - TEACHING SESSION: Get Your (dance) House in Order!

Are you a frustrated, worn out dance leader with some 'high maintenance' team members and/or parents of dance team members? Are you a brand new dance leader that needs some help or direction getting started with a team? Do you desire to have a team that is on one-accord spiritually and mentally? Then this session is for YOU! Learn key points that you can immediately implement to not only protect yourself legally, but also to start the process of creating and maintaining harmony and spiritual one-ness within your team. 

Jessica Quinones - TEACHING SESSION - Raising a Banner (Flag Expressive Movements)

She will be teaching about scriptural significance and the importance of raising a banner (flags). Then she will be demonstrating/teaching expressions with flags and flag movements. 

Amy Tang - TEACHING SESSION: Holy and Pleasing - The care and Feeding of a Dancer

Do you want to dance with freedom and power even into your latter years?
Would you like to reduce your experience of illnesses, injury and aches and pains that are so common as people age?
Would you like to learn to nourish your body well without dieting or depriving yourself?

God cares very much about the temple in which He dwells. More than that, He cares deeply about the wellbeing of His servants.  He cares deeply about your wellbeing. In this workshop, you will learn practical and doable strategies for nourishing your body. Understanding that many of us carry shame about our bodies, we'll begin with a movement meditation in which we offer to the Lord those obstacles we experience to caring for our physical health. We will take time to listen to what the Father has to say about our bodies. From there, we'll move on to the practical. You will learn simple and doable practices that will enable you to dance with power and freedom even into your latter years. Whether you are a seasoned or new dancer, no matter your age or body type, this workshop will give you tools to protect, strengthen, and nurture your body so that you might enjoy it and glorify God through dance for years to come.

Leesa I. Robinson - Missouri Location Host - TEACHING SESSION: Intimacy with God: Making the First Thing the First Thing

Intimacy with God: Making the First Thing the First Thing


We have many tools to worship the Lord in movement even as "Mature" Dance Ministers.
Have you ever used a Glory Hoop? This session will introduce you to the use of this worship tool using Spirit inspired movement and choreography.
Come Let the Lord give you a new dance!
Karen Cummings - TEACHING SESSION: How To Turn Your Testimony Into Powerful Ministry

I will be sharing about how to take your life changing testimony and turn it into powerful ministry through visuals/dance. Although testimonies are powerful in words, adding visuals and/or movement can make it much more memorable.  

Marcy Garms - Massachusetts Location Host - TEACHING SESSION: Color Significance with Movement in Worship

Have you wondered what different colors mean scripturally? Or why a green billow cloth or red flag would be used during certain dances? Would you like some creative movements to use during your personal and corporate worship times? Then you will love Marcy's class!

Minister Suzi Herman - TEACHING SESSION: "What's In Your Hand?" 

God has blessed us with so many gifts, talents, authority, the word, faith and so much more, and by the power of His Holy Spirit we can bring God's presence into every situation.  I would like to close with 8 counts of movement with different instruments used differently for creative ideas with just one simple step..

Amy Holderman - TEACHING SESSION: Brilliant Ballet Basics for the Worship Dancer! 

This class will show the budding Liturgical Dancer basic ballet moves, how the moves connect to create a beautiful worship piece, and the scripture behind the moves to help build the dancer's confidence as well as dance vocabulary for awesome worship!! 


Randi Cole - TEACHING SESSION: A Place for Flags in Corporate Worship

A dynamic teaching segment about a Hebrew word and its powerful meaning along with its spiritual significance in corporate worship.

Melissa (Missy) Weikel - TEACHING SESSION - Transformation of Shame Into a Fragrance of Dance

You are not too dirty to dance for the Lord. Learn new techniques to help build self-confidence as Missy shares her love letter from God and some new expressive moves. 


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