Registration Information

The tuition for Level 1 is $550.  This does not include your study materials. This does not include your conference registration. All tuition must be paid in full before being considered fully registered or beginning your program. There are absolutely no refunds nor extensions to the following year, for any reason at any time. All assignments must be completed by October 24th of that year (administrative details will take place from 10/24-10/31) Or by May 31st for Session B. If you are unable to complete the program, for any reason, your tution will become a donation to DFH. If you need to repeat the program, you will be required to register again.

Upon successful completion of that year’s program, you will receive a Worship Dance Teacher’s Certificate. This will stand as Dancing For Him Ministries’ approval of your successful completion of a rigorous course of study about the various subjects related to worship/praise dance. This certificate carries a lot of weight and will serve as a solid credential to enhance your credibility as a worship dancer.

On or around January 10th and after you are fully registered (tuition paid in full), we will send you the course outline, FB page and chat information. We’ll also begin a folder for you and keep track of your progress. Although, again, please only turn in assignments when they are due. Thanks. 

Sometime between January 10th and February 1st, you will be sent a notice about the date and time for an orientation phone chat. 

CLICK HERE to register in full (Session A)

CLICK HERE to register in full (Session B)

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