Step 3 - Posting And Setup

In order to be well rested for ministry, it is better for DFH ministers to arrive the day before the event. For West Coast events, Pastor Lynn must arrive two days before to account for jet lag. The person who volunteers to pick Pastor Lynn up at the airport will need to take her to the church immediately, to set up her products (if a West Coast location, it would be on Thursday afternoon). We will need to make sure the church will be open and the conference room is clean and ready with chairs already moved and tables with cloths already set up, before arrival.

Submit Local Info

Please fill out this form and submit it as soon as possible. Conferences must be set up 8 months to one year in advance. Once your form is received, reviewed, prayed about and posted, it will be official and no one else may take your place on the calendar. I will then send you the link so you may double check to make sure I have all the information posted correctly. Then we will begin promotions and I will also get the airline ticket. Then I will send you a coupon code so you and your assistant may come for free. (details on that in STEP 1). 

Please do not send this local information until you’ve completed steps 1-2 for securing a date.




One step at a time, the accomplishment of a successful conference is attainable. We always give glory and honor to our Lord for the tremendous work that He accomplishes through His willing vessels.

Thank you. we look forward to hearing from you. Blessings!

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