4 Upcoming Conferences

Overwhelming Love of God Carthage, MO Jul 19-20, 2019
Eternal Spring Marietta (Near Atlanta), GA Sep 6-7, 2019 ☀ SAVE by August 6 ☀
Love Is... New Braunfels, TX Sep 13-14, 2019 ☀ SAVE by August 13 ☀

Local Info - "Eternal Spring" - Marietta (Near Atlanta), GA Conference


Atlanta, GA

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL)

Depending on traffic, about 30-40 minutes to the church. Please know that rush hour traffic in Atlanta will add a significant amount of time to your drive. It is wise to land or depart any time other than during rush hour.



Holiday Inn
1250 Franklin Gateway
Marietta Ga 30167

Quality Inn
1255 Franklin Drive
Marietta Ga 30167

Econ Lodge Inn & Suites
639 Franklin Gateway
Marietta Ga 30167

Radison Hotel
177 Parkway Plaza
Marietta Ga 30167



We have plenty fast food restuarants and diners within 2 miles radius.