The Majesty of the beloved - worship dance retreat & School graduation - oviedo, FLORIDA - october 30 - November 1, 2020

The Majesty of the Beloved  - Worship Dance Retreat & School Graduation
  • Would you like a break from the cares of the world, getting away and relaxing in a beautiful, peaceful setting?
  • Would you like to study/learn/hear the Word of God, taught through captivating messages, then activated and sealed through dance ministry activations?
  • Would you like to sharpen your spiritual acumen and receive ministry through prophetic dance?
  • Would you like to fellowship with like-hearted believers?
  • Then this retreat is for you!

This year's theme, The Majesty of the Beloved will be about the Lord's ascension, enthronement, present ministry of Jesus as Lord of church / Lord of history.  Following His resurrection, Jesus presented Himself to His disciples for 40 days, teaching and discipling them. He then ascended to heaven and was enthroned at the right hand of the majesty on high. The glorified Christ is our great High Priest, Heir of all things, Upholder of the universe, the One in Whom all things consist, Head and Shepherd of the church, Sovereign Lord Over of history, Shepherd of the End Times and Anointed Judge, Who fills all in all, the One from Whom and unto Whom all of time and history flow.

It is going to be a powerful time in God's presence!

With Lynn M Hayden (click here for bio)

With over 50 years of dance experience behind her, Lynn has dedicated all her ballet, modern, jazz, and choreography technique to the Lord for His glory. She has performed with the Towson State University Dance Company, and the Ballet Theatre of Annapolis and and has been ministering, for the Lord, through dance, since 1986. Lynn is a well-known author of eight books on worship and prophetic dance, and producer of thirty worship dance DVD’s and administrates a successful on line ministry dance school. Lynn assisted the choreographer and danced in Integrity Hosanna’s music video “Sing Out” with Ron Kenoly; and has traveled, teaching Dancing For Him Conferences for 20 years. As founder, director and administrator for the Dancing For Him ONLINE SCHOOL, Lynn is a gifted leader of leaders. Her graduates have grown substantially in their call to dance for the Lord. Many people mentored by Lynn, over the years, have successfully gone on to have their own dance teams, hold their own workshops, choreograph beautiful ministry dances and even write their own books. The school has enabled Lynn to perpetuate her legacy of transforming hearts and changing lives, through ministry dance. Many lives have been touched and changed by this unique, ministry. It is much more then just learning how to dance. Lynn utilizes the Prophetic arts as a means by which to minister the heart of God. Lynn also ministers in dance directly to the congregation with an anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage, heals and delivers!

And Wil Bozeman

For over 30 years, Wil has ministered in a variety of settings as a pastor, teacher and musician. Throughout his ministry he has also worked with the homeless, at-risk youth and has translated truth into the rhythms and colors of story telling. He is a singer/songwriter and accomplished musician. Wil is a prolific writer and has written many books about worship, prayer, leadership and more. In addition to gifted creativity, his ability to transcribe scripture into life changing messages captivates the listener, while gently presenting the Lord's healing balm.

Video Clip of Previous Retreat

So come and let us journey together in this most wonderful of studies -- the Majesty of the Beloved. Ponder with me these sacred mysteries:

Celebrate the glorified Christ

Heir of all things, Upholder of the universe,

in Whom all things consist, Shepherd of the church, 

Sovereign Lord of History

from Whom and unto Whom all of time and history flow  ~ W. Bozeman

Subjects Covered

Artistic Worship
Choreography Activation - Warm Up/Learn Movement Phrases
Choreography Activation II - Staging and Variation
Participants' Concert 
Artistic Ministry 
On Line School Graduation
Learn Dance to present at the Saturday night Concert
Lessons about The Majesty of the Beloved (taught by Pastor Wil)
Each Followed by dance ministry activations facilitated by Pastor Lynn 
The Level 3/4 students from the online school will be conducting most of the ministry activations
and other classes as part of their hands on experience during school.

Come, receive ministry, get renewed and refreshed and let God transform your life!

Also note: Although we encourage entire teams to come, individuals are more than welcome to come by themselves. So, you do not have to be a member of a team to attend. For this particular conference, since it is so specialized, it is for adults only (ages 15 and up). Thank you. 

Basic Schedule


2:00 - 5:00 - Pastor Lynn will be setting up in the Winchester room. 

3:00 - Begins check in. Go to administration building to check in and receive your room key. If coming in after hours, your key will be in an envelope with your name on it. The envelopes be on the front desk. There will be a map and basic information in your envelope.


             7:25 - Sign in  - Winchester Room
             7:30 - Breakfast (breakfast served at 7:30) in cafeteria
8:30   - 11:30 - Artistic Worship, Classes/Lessons/Activations 
11:30 - 12:00 - Product table open
12:00  - 1:00 - Lunch Break (lunch served at 12:00) 
1:00    - 4:30 - Lessons/Activations/Dance
4:30    - 5:00 - Product table open
5:00    - 6:00 - Relax/Reflect/Retreat
6:00    - 7:00 - Dinner Break (dinner served at 6:00)
7:00    - 8:30 - Prophetic Dance/Artistic Ministry


7:30     - 8:30 - Breakfast (breakfast served at 7:30) 
8:30    -11:30 - Artistic Worship, Classes/Lessons/Activations
11:30  -12:00 - Product table open
12:00  - 1:00 - Lunch Break (lunch served at 12:00) 
1:00    - 4:30 - Lessons/Activations/Dance
4:30    - 5:00 - Product table open
5:00    - 6:00 - Relax/Reflect/Retreat
6:00    - 7:00 - Dinner Break (dinner served at 6:00)
7:00    -  Until - Participants' Dance Concert


10:00 - Check out - Since our meeting/graduation begins at 9:00 and doesn't end until after check out, it would be wise to check out right before coming to breakfast. Then either put your luggage in your car or bring it with you to the meeting room.

7:30   - Breakfast
8:30   - Artistic Worship
9:00   - 11:00 - DFH School Graduation Ceremony!
11:00 - 11:30 - Graduate/Alumni Photos
11:30...  Meet at local restaurant for fellowship.

You'll receive a more specific schedule via email.

This is going to be an awesome time of learning and ministry! 


The Saturday evening concert is always a highlight of a conference. It is where you get to present a dance that you will have already done at your church and share your gift with the other participants.

Space for participation in the Saturday evening concert is limited to the first 12 individuals, groups, or teams who desire to be in it and are fully registered.  

*We will also work on a worship dance during the retreat to present at the concert. 



  • Admission To All The Classes
  • Pastor Wil's Retreat Theme Book
  • DFH T-shirt 
  • Tote bag
  • 3 Nights Lodging (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • 7 Meals (Friday & Saturday-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Sunday-Breakfast)

Plus, we're having a drawing to give away one Body Wrappers Tunic!  

Drawing for this garment will be held during the Saturday evening concert. Must be present to win.   

**SHARED ROOM (2 people in a room) - each person pays:

$347.00 - EACH (2/ROOM) - Received on or before May 7, 2020, 11:59 EST - Extra Early Savings Date

$362.00 -EACH (2/ROOM) - Received on or before August 6, 2020, 11:59 EST - Early Savings Date
Groups of 5 or more - See below

$377.00 - EACH (2/ROOM) - Received on or before September 17, 2020, 11:59 EST- Regular Savings Date
Groups of 5 or more - See below

$392.00 - EACH (2/ROOM) - Received on or before October 15, 2020, 11:59 EST - Door Rate
Groups of 5 or more - See below  

Absolute Last day to register. No more registrations received after October 15TH. No at the door registrations.


PLEASE NOTE: Upon check out, you will see the base individual price for 2 people. In order to get the shared room rate, you must pay for both individuals up front. So, one person is paying for themselves and their room mate. 

If you desire a private room instead, you will see the option at check out to subtract an amount from the total shared, 2 person rate to then equal the private room rate. Just click the drop down that says, "Price for Private Room."

Private Room prices:

$392.00 - Individual (1 PERSON IN ROOM) - Received on or before May 7, 2020, 11:59 EST - Extra Early Savings Date

$407.00 - Individual (1 PERSON IN ROOM) - Received on or before August 2, 2020, 11:59 EST - Early Savings Date. Groups of 5 or more - See below

$422.00 - Individual (1 PERSON IN ROOM) - Received on or before September 17, 2020, 11:59 EST- Regular Savings Date. Groups of 5 or more - See below

$437.00 - Individual (1 PERSON IN ROOM) - Received on or before October 15, 2020, 11:59 EST - Door Rate.
Groups of 5 or more - See below  

Absolute Last day to register. No more registrations received after October 15TH. No at the door registrations.



The price is already the low 'group rate,' if you have more than 2, simply put the appropriate number of people in the quantity box. 

If you desire a combination of types of rooms, you may still do that at check out.

Here is an example of how to check out a group:

"I have 7 people in my group. 4 of them would like to share 2 rooms and the remaining 3 people would each like a private room."  

You would initially put 2 in the quantity box. That will pay for the 4 people who want to share rooms. 

Then 'continue shopping.' 

Come back to the retreat page and select 3 in the quantity box, but be sure to select "private room" in one of the drop down selections. That will pay for 3 private rooms. 

 Please be sure to put each person's names, email addresses, who would like to stay with whom and their appropriate T-shirt sizes in each of the spaces provided. 

If you need more help, you may call: 863-398-8161 9-5 EST and we will be happy to help you.

Local/Travel Information


Canterbury Retreat Center
1601 Alafaya Trail  
Oviedo, FL 32765 (Just outside Orlando)


Orlando International Airport (MCO) - About 27 minutes/rush hours allow extra time - Google Directions

Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) - About 25 minutes, though flight selection is not as good and may be more expensive. - Google Directions


The following are examples of what we can offer on our daily menu. Due to the high volume of guests we cannot take individual requests and will defer to the chef’s choice for any and every meal. We will, however, do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions.

Breakfast Buffet May Include: Scrambled eggs, bacon, turkey or pork sausage, pancakes or French toast, fruit, breakfast bread (muffins and/or Danish), with potatoes, grits, or oatmeal, yogurts, cereals, OJ, coffee

Lunch Buffet May Include: Soup, Salad Bar, Sandwich Bar, Desserts, and drinks

Dinner Buffet May Include: Salad, one entrée, vegetable, starch, rolls & butter, dessert, beverages

(Entrée variations may include: Baked Ziti, Lemon Chicken, Artichoke Leek Lasagna, Chicken Cacciatore, Lasagna [meat or cheese], chicken curry, Peach Chicken Picante, Flank Steak, Tilapia Parmesan, Chicken or Fish Picata, Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy, Chicken Marsala, Stuffed Shells, Perogies with Kielbasa, Southern Pulled Pork)

What To Wear/Bring

Water bottle with tight fitting lid (no other food or beverage allowed in the hall).

Flags and other worship instruments. There is plenty of room to move and express!

The DFH product table will be there with all the products at lower-then-bookstore conference prices. There will be a 'special price surprise' on a one of everything product package. Also, some of the music that will be used during the workshop may be available for sale. So you'll want to bring MC, Visa, AM Express, Discover cards, cash or checks with you to the hall. You'll want to take advantage of the opportunity.

Absolutely NO video taping allowed during the conference. Most of the teaching and dances will be available either at the product table or in a new upcoming DVD. However, taking photographs is encouraged.

Wear comfortable, modest clothing for ease of movement. Comfortable shoes for long days on our feet (like Keds or jazz sneakers). Light jacket or sweater for possibly cool air conditioning. Cool modest clothing in case it is warm. Recommended: hat, sun screen, sun glasses for the classes outdoors.

Contact Information

Lynn Hayden
[email protected]

Retreat Center
[email protected]


The amount of registrations, offerings, support, etc., is absolutely non-refundable. Nor may it be applied to another conference. It may be transferred to another person. If for some unforeseen reason, regardless of the situation, you will be unable to attend, your tax-deductible registration will be considered a love gift/donation to further the work of God through Dancing For Him Ministries. Thank you. NO one-day rates available. We encourage you to attend the entire retreat or as much of the conference as you are able.

Several Ways To Register

Please note: This conference is for adults only (ages 15 and up).*** Thank you. 

Thank you for your participation. May the blessings of the Lord overtake you...

We'll see you soon!!