lakeland, fl  MARCH 7, 2020

Divine Choreography Workshop

    John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. NIV

    In this new season, let us explore in greater depth the artistic ways we can glorify the Lord, as we learn some powerful worship dance ministry choreography!

    With Pastor Lynn M Hayden

    With over 50 years of dance experience behind her, Lynn has dedicated all her ballet, modern, jazz, and choreography technique to the Lord for His glory. She has performed with the Towson State University Dance Company, and the Ballet Theatre of Annapolis and and has been ministering, for the Lord, through dance, since 1986. Lynn is a well-known author of eight books on worship and prophetic dance, and producer of more than thirty worship dance DVD’s and administrates a successful online ministry dance school. Lynn assisted the choreographer and danced in Integrity Hosanna’s music video “Sing Out” with Ron Kenoly; and has traveled, teaching Dancing For Him Conferences for over 20 years. As founder, director and administrator for the Dancing For Him ONLINE SCHOOL, Lynn is a gifted leader of leaders. Her graduates have grown substantially in their call to dance for the Lord. Many people mentored by Lynn, over the years, have successfully gone on to have their own dance teams, hold their own workshops, choreograph beautiful ministry dances and even produce their own videos and books. The school has enabled Lynn to perpetuate her legacy of transforming hearts and changing lives, through ministry dance. Many lives have been touched and changed by this unique, ministry. It is much more then just learning how to dance. Lynn utilizes the Prophetic arts as a means by which to minister the heart of God. Lynn also ministers in dance directly to the congregation with an anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage, heals and delivers!

    • Would you love to learn some fresh movement and choreography ideas?
    • Would you love to learn nearly an entire reproducible dance, that you may use (all or part) in your own choreography?
    • Would you like to increase your movement vocabulary, with some creative ideas?
    • Would you like to see how to incorporate ministry into your presentations?

    Then this workshop is for you!

    This will be an intense workshop experience, where we will cover/learn different sections of a dance that would normally take about 5 weeks of rehearsal, but we will do it all in one day!

    Don't worry... No experience necessary:)

    EXAMPLE: Video of the last dance that was learned in a very short period of time, during the graduation conference. 

      Subjects Covered 

      We will learn nearly an entire dance done to a powerful song that depicts how deeply God loves us. This type of song/choreography may be used for any occasion (even Christmas and Resurrection Sunday) because of its theme where God loves us so much that nothing would keep Him away from us. 

      Basic Modern Dance Warm Up
      Group Choreography
      Solo Part
      Possibly Small Flag Part (Red/Blood and Fire), Depending on time.
      After learning a section, we will be video taping Pastor Lynn's teaching and possibly the group's demonstration of it. 

      Also note: Although we encourage entire teams to come, individuals are more than welcome to come by themselves. So, you do not have to be a member of a team to attend. 

      Basic Schedule


        9:00   - 9:45 - Sign in at Front Desk/Picture Taken
        9:45  -10:45 - Optional Zumba Class (Excellent LA Fitness instructor)
                               If not taking the Zumba class, you may sign in during this time.
      11:00 - 12:30 - Open in Prayer
                               Modern/Contemporary Warm Up
                               Begin to Learn Group Choreography (Basic Steps)
      12:30  - 1:30 -  Lunch Break (on your own)
        1:30  - 4:30 -  Learn/Practice Group Choreography 
                               Learn Solo Choreography
                               Learn Flag Part (if time)
                               Put it All Together/Video
        4:30 - 4:50 -   Product Sales 
        4:50 - 4:55 -   Exit the Building (closes at 5:00)
                  5:00 -   Meet at Local Restaurant for Fellowship

      This is going to be an awesome, intense and fun time of learning and fellowship! Come receive creative choreography ideas to enhance and increase your movement vocabulary!


      Sunday Morning Home Fellowship/Service - All are welcome. Location/address/directions will be given Saturday afternoon. This is our Online Home Fellowship. So, we will be broadcasting live on Zoom, while we are there in the room.

              9:00  -9:20 - Welcome/Fellowship
              9:20 - 9:50 - Worship, Pastor Wil Bozeman on guitar
      10:00 - 11:30ish - Bible Teaching with Pastor Wil Bozeman
                                   Holy Communion
                                   Praise Reports and Prayer Requests
      12:00 - Until...      Lunch and Fellowship

      We must know if you'll be coming, so we'll have enough food. Plus it is in a guard gated community, so we will need to give your name to the guard ahead of time, so he/she can let you in. Please indicate your interest in the drop down list upon check out. Please prayerfully consider an additional love offering upon check out, especially if you'll be staying for lunch. This will help offset costs, especially since the registration is so low for the workshop. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.          


      Includes admission to all the classes...

      $13.95 DFH + $16.05 LA* - Received on or before January 7, 2020, 11:59PM (EDT) - Early Savings Rate

      $23.95 DFH + $16.05 LA* - Received on or before February 7, 2020, 11:59PM (EDT) - Regular Rate

      $33.95 DFH + $16.05 LA* - Received on or before March 1, 2020, 11:59PM (EDT)) - Final Cut Off Rate


      *The DFH registration fees must be paid on or before the particular listed cut off dates, here below (Individuals Online) or by Phone. 

      The $16.05 guest fee must be paid upon arrival (during sign in time) at the L.A. Fitness location (see below). At that time, you will also: show driver's license; get photo taken; sign waiver. The workshop is being held in the aerobics room of the fitness center. 

      There is a possibility that you may get a free guest pass (not pay the $16.95). But you must sign in, get a tour of the club, hear a sales pitch and do a fitness analysis before using the pass or getting into the DFH class. If you want to do that, you may possibly be able to get your pass here: https://www.lafitness.com/Pages/freepass.aspx?clubid=1235

      See below for how to register.


      Because the workshop amount that goes to DFH is so extremely low and we'll be offering the Sunday meal for those who want to stay, there is an optional $10 suggested donation upon check out, to help off set expenses.

      Also, upon check out, there is an optional offering to purchase the Divine Choreography E-Book and Digital Download Video  at more than 50% off. Anything you can do to help further the arts for the Kingdom of God through Dancing For Him Ministries is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your prayerful consideration. 

      Local/Travel Information


      Lakeland-Lakeland Park Center
      833 Lakeland Park Center Drive
      Lakeland, FL  33809

      (863) 213-1301


      Tampa International - About 50 minutes to the conference location

      Orlando International - About 60 minutes to the conference location (depending on traffic)


      Google Hotels Near LA Fitness

      La Quinta is almost directly across the street from LA Fitness. While close, and while it may be OK to stay there,  I would not recommend walking to or from there. 

      TOWN PLACE SUITES - This is a really, really nice hotel across the main road from LA Fitness. I stayed there once. It was one of the nicest hotels I've ever been in with a breakfast, kitchenette in the room, large rooms, newer, etc. But not the cheapest either. Good for sharing a room, though (splitting your cost).

      Comfort Inn and Suites is also across the main road and up a couple minutes. I stayed there in 1996 and it was good. So, it is older, but probably has had updates. 

      I would not stay in the Howard Johnson's, which is also close. I heard bad reviews. It does look like they just recently remodeled, though.

      I stayed at the Motel 6 once during the revival in the  2000's. No frills and very inexpensive. I was fine, but in later years, I found out that there is often some illegal activity that goes on there. So... maybe that's a no:))

      You might try a Bed and Breakfast. There are some around that you could share with several others:  Air B&B

      Travel sites that may help...


      There are other hotels in Lakeland, not too far. 

      Hope that helps:)


      There are several restaurants in the same plaza as LA Fitness (around the corner and at the other end). Panera Bread, Starbucks, Panda Express (I think), Maybe a Taco place; Olive Garden; Moes; 

      Across the street, but always crowded is Chick Filet; Chillies; I think I saw a Chipoltle; and some others around.

      We only have an hour for lunch, so I would choose something that serves quickly. Or maybe try to eat a large early lunch before signing in (if not doing the Zumba class).  No food or drink allowed in the club (except water in tightly fitted lid). 


      The fitness center has a very strict policy about not taking photos or video of any of their members. You are welcome to take photos of your group, of me or the whole group dancing, etc. But please be careful to not get a club member in the picture. Thank you. 

      Also, no video taping allowed at all. Thank you for honoring this. 

      Finally, another stipulation to using the club's aerobics room is that we need to allow any members to come in and do their squats or lunges or stretch or whatever. The room is HUGE. So, I don't think we will interfere with each other. But we may need to keep an eye out for people who come in the room if we are video taping my teaching:) Thanks. 

      SCHOOL - This workshop will count toward your school requirement for attending a DFH event, should you be enrolling or have enrolled in the 2020 class.

      What To Wear/Bring

      Because we may possibly have you on video, please try to wear a black base with a colorful top that is long enough to cover your rear end with arms lifted high overhead. Thank you.

      Wear comfortable, modest clothing for ease of movement. Comfortable shoes for the long day on our feet (like Keds, fitness tennis shoes or jazz sneakers). I will not be able to control the AC. So, please bring a light jacket or sweater for possibly cool air conditioning. And/Or bring/wear cool modest clothing in case it is warm. 

      Water bottle with tight fitting lid (no other food or beverage allowed in the fitness center).

      Flags (particularly red or fire). Not necessary, but if you have them and some extra for those who don't, that would be great.

      Absolutely NO video taping allowed during the conference. However, taking photographs is encouraged.


      Unfortunately, except for a tub of exquisite flags and billows, the DFH product table will not be there with the products for sale.

      HOWEVER, after you register, in your welcome letter, will be a coupon code for product discounts. So you may purchase at the same discount that I would have had there at the conference, but ahead of time. You may use the code from the time you register until March 1st.

      There will also be opportunity to purchase the digital download versions of the Divine Choreography book, DVD and Dance Composition DVD, upon check out at an even deeper discount!

      There will be, however, some beautiful silk flags and different kinds of billows there for sale. So you'll want to bring MC, Visa, AM Express, Discover cards, cash or checks with you to the aerobics room. You'll want to take advantage of the opportunity.

      If you come to the Sunday service, ALL the products will be available there for sale (including flags, billows, books, DVDs, etc.).

      Contact Information


      Pastor Lynn Hayden
      [email protected]


      This is for adults 18+ only.  No children under 18 allowed at this particular workshop, because we will be in a fitness facility. Thank you.


      The amount of registrations, offerings, support, etc., is absolutely non-refundable. Nor may it be applied to another conference, nor transferred to another person. If for some unforeseen reason, regardless of the situation, you will be unable to attend, your tax-deductible registration will be considered a love gift/donation to further the work of God through Dancing For Him Ministries. Thank you. No partial rates available. We encourage you to attend the entire event or as much of the it as you are able.

      Ways To Register

      Individuals Online


      Thank you for your participation. May the blessings of the Lord overtake you...

      We'll see you soon!!