Graduation Service




6:30 PM EST - Until...

Enter Zoom

Worship - "Yahweh"

Opening Prayer - Pastor Wil Bozeman

Welcome and Opening Remarks - Leesa Robinson

Remarks about Diplomas/Awards - Suzi Herman

Certificates of Gratitude Awards - Suzi Herman

AP Manager- Tanya Perez

Grading Manager - Deborah Collier

Remarks About and Then Award 110% Awards - Missy Weikel

L1 - Amy Holderman

L2 - Randi Cole

L3 - Pamela Dimry

L4 - Leesa Robinson

Remarks About and Then Award Student of the Year - Phyllis Talbot

Student of the Year - L1 Charlotte Pack

Thank you to Graders - Pamela Dimry

L1 - Phyllis Talbot

L1 - Brad Worrell

L1 - Jessica Quinones

L2 - Suzi Herman

L3 - Abigail Hawkins

L4 - Lorraine Lindberg

Chats & Conferences - Jimmene Crew

Bible School - Rosemary Knox

Announce Graders for 2022 - Pamela Dimry

Grading Manager - Rosemary Knox

AP Manager- Tanya Perez

L1 - Deborah Collier

L1 - Brad Worrell

L2 - Suzi Herman

L3 - Abigail Hawkins

L4 - Lorraine Lindberg

Chats & Conferences - Pamela Dimry

Bible School - Leesa Robinson

Thank you to L1 Accountability Partners - Pamela Dimry

Barbara Deligio

Karen Oeser

Karen Cummings

Cicely Santa

Bobbi Muncy

Nydia Marrero

Teresa Holland McCurry

Amy Tang

Gena Lewis

Lorraine Lindberg

Rosemary Knox

Suzi Herman

Shinelle Benjamin

Suzi Herman

Brandee Sampson

Rogeana King

Brenda Smith-Keene

Diplomas/Certificates of Completion/Licenses Awarded - Pastor Lynn Hayden

Level I Graduates

Tiffany Conners

Kimberly Davis

Heather Gourley

Amy Holderman

Ruth-Ange Kouekam

Charlotte Pack with Honors

Opeshia Peters

Gretchen Schwartzman with Honors

Marlene Silva Soto

Simone Vermaak

Angela Whitehead

Kelly Yurko

Level II Graduates

Frances Bowen with Honors

Randi Cole with Honors

Corine Griffin

Kelly McComas

Susanne Mueller

Level III Graduates

Pamela Dimry with Honors

Nicole Jagmohan

Carolyn Perryman

Jessica Quinones with Honors

Melissa Weikel with Honors

Level IV Graduates

Nicole Freeman 

Marcy Garms with Honors

Leesa Robinson with Honors

Bible School Graduates

Jimmene Crew - Genesis with Honors

Jennifer Rinear - Hosea

Closing Prayer - Claudia Otalora

Dance - "Agradecido" to declare our gratefulness...

Photos immediately following...

All Levels and Alumni (bring certificates with you)

Come close to your camera and hold up your certificate. We will have our screens in gallery view, so we may see all of them at once.

In this order: 

Level I Graduates

Level II Graduates

Level III Graduates

Level  IV Graduates

Bible School Graduates

All Graduates

All Graduates and Alumni and Graders and Managers - Just come closer to the camera so we can all see each other.

You may want to take screen shots of the different classes (Command; Shift 4 on a Mac - I don't know how on a PC). Or just take a photo of the screen with your own camera.

Closing Worship - "Amen" to close out the end of the 2021 school year...