Please have these things, below, near by all weekend. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. You may always make due with whatever you have on hand. 

FRIDAY AM #1 - Leesa - Bride of Christ

*full length mirror (hand held or large wall mirror will work if full length not available)
*a marker suitable to write on the mirror
*White veil  (use other color if white is not available
*Any color billow  (green would be lovely) be creative with substitutions  (0ptional: flower pots, green plants, baskets of flowers or whatever is desired to create a garden scene)
*luggage of some type such as backpack, travel bag, purse, suitcase
*a small chair such as a folding chair

Each online participant will want to set up a “garden area” before we get started if possible.  There can be a lane or border designed using a billow or plants, or maybe a basket of flowers, with the mirror at the end of the lane.  The white veil should be placed just inside the lane and the Bible placed under the mirror. A small chair such as a folding chair can be placed inside the garden area.  The erasable marker should be near the mirror.  Each participant can be as creative as they want and utilize the space they have available to them.  

FRIDAY AM #2 - Marcy - You're Gonna Be OK/Out of Hiding 

A cross
A white and/or gold flag; or anything white or gold.
Place the cross in front by the camera and the flag material next to it.

FRIDAY AFT #3 - Pamela - More Than anything & I Just Love You

Red cloth/veil
have a loveseat, ottoman, lazyboy, or chair nearby

FRIDAY AFT #3 - Jennifer (P. Lynn) - Nothing Else

Before conference, please write a love letter to Jesus. It should be addressed as so... "To My Beloved Jesus"   
It should be no more than 5 pages long.


Paper and pen
Objects representing your garden
Billows of any color X5 or flags X5 or blanket X2
A love letter address to “Jesus My Beloved” (Max 5 pgs)

Place the billows or flags or blankets (whichever you have access to) into a heart shape big enough for you to kneel or sit inside.  Place your written love letter to Jesus in the center.

FRIDAY AFT #4 - Nicole J. - Holiness

White flag or cloth

FRIDAY AFT #4 - Suzi - Revelation Song

Set up a throne or use an imaginary throne room to dance around in or with. Needed is a white veil that will be placed over the head like a bride walking down the aisle. T

FRIDAY AFT - P. Lynn - God Who Sees

Black cloth (like veil size or something you can wrestle with)

SATURDAY AM #1 - Missy - Move Your Heart

Favorite (or most expensive) oil or perfume
Pen & Paper
A cross or something to represent an Altar

SATURDAY AM #1 - Kelly K.C. - Extravagance & Pour My Love on You

For this activation, we will need a simple bridal veil (or some type of scarf or material to represent a bridal veil), frankincense incense sticks (or even a simple skewer or stick to represent frankincense incense stick, and a vial of oil mixed with different beautiful fragrances (could be an essential oil or perfume bottle).

Also attempt to set up an area as the "Holy of Holies" with Crimson, Blue and Purple material in front of it to represent the veil and visualize someone representing Jesus seated on His Throne dressed all in White surrounded by angels waving white angel wings around Him. 

SATURDAY AM #2 - Jess - To Worship You I Live (fade at 5:14) & The Goodness of God

Black veil/scarf
Veil/flag any color

SATURDAY AFT #3 - Carolyn - Faithful God

Any worship implement - flags, scarf, streamer, etc. 

SATURDAY AFT #3 - Barbara - Spiritual Surgery

Mirror, pen and paper

SATURDAY AFT #4 - Randi - You're Beautiful

Materials: (whatever is available to each person)
White veils/scarves / robes / shalls/ coats
Gold, yellow, blue or multicolored flags 

SATURDAY AFT #4 - Nicole F. - Getting Ready

One black worship tool (scarf, veil, flag or billow)
One red worship tool( scarf, flag, veil, billow, streamer)
One gold worship tool ( scarf, veil, flag, billow, or streamer)
One white worship tool( scarf, veil, billow, streamer, or flag).

SUNDAY AM #1 - Angelica - Fine Linen

A Ring
White veil or White hair arrangement
Crayons, decorations for the letter, like stickers... to be creative in a bride's letter for her groom

SUNDAY AM #2 - Corine - Yeshua 

Things needed 

  • 2 Billows or string or tape to make a pathway
  • 4 to 5 pieces of dark cloth or paper: to tie loosely or pin around different parts of ourselves. Ex; hands, feet, head and waist.  Represents sufferings the Lord has brought us through. (you can even write on paper what they are. 
  • Working Flash light or tea lights: represents oil lamp
  • White veil or cloth or fabric or wear all white: represents bride in white
  • Flags or veils or streamers: passionate dance  
  • 2 chairs cover with colors representing Royalty: One chair for Jesus other for you

Music Reminder for Lynn:  

First part: Instrumental (1.15 mins)

Instrumental music will be playing as we set up. 

Second Part:  Instrumental (starts from 1:15 -1:36 min)

Third part: Yeshua song (5:12 min)