Free Modern Technique Class for worship dancers!

Watch video above to see what classes are like...

With Pastor Lynn M Hayden

With over 50 years of dance experience behind her, Lynn has dedicated all her ballet, modern, jazz, and choreography technique to the Lord for His glory. She has performed with the Towson State University Dance Company, and the Ballet Theatre of Annapolis and and has been ministering, for the Lord, through dance, since 1986. Lynn is a well-known author of eight books on worship and prophetic dance, and producer of more than thirty worship dance DVD’s and administrates a successful on line ministry dance school. Lynn assisted the choreographer and danced in Integrity Hosanna’s music video “Sing Out” with Ron Kenoly; and has traveled, teaching Dancing For Him Conferences for over 20 years. As founder, director and administrator for the Dancing For Him ONLINE SCHOOL, Lynn is a gifted leader of leaders. Her graduates have grown substantially in their call to dance for the Lord. Many people mentored by Lynn, over the years, have successfully gone on to have their own dance teams, hold their own workshops, choreograph beautiful ministry dances and even write their own books. The school has enabled Lynn to perpetuate her legacy of transforming hearts and changing lives, through ministry dance. Many lives have been touched and changed by this unique, ministry. It is much more then just learning how to dance. Lynn utilizes the Prophetic arts as a means by which to minister the heart of God. Lynn also ministers in dance directly to the congregation with an anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage, heals and delivers!

Would you love to warm up with and learn some Modern Dance technique?

Would you love to expand your movement vocabulary for worship dance?

           Would you love to gain strength, grace and flexibility?

           Would you love to improve your posture, get a great workout and move like a dancer?

Then this class is for you!

Come, let us learn, grow, dance and have fun together! 

This class will be taking place online, live, through Zoom. Once you register, you will be sent emails with more information. A couple days before class begins, you'll be sent the link(s) to join us. These free classes will not be recorded. We look forward to your participation!

Glory to God! All those who have always wanted to attend a DFH event and couldn't due to travel expense can now participate! How precious it is to be able to unite with people all over the world?!

Subjects Covered 

Standing or Seated Warm Up
Standing Center Exercises
Floor Stretches and Exercises
Across the Floor

This is an eclectic blend of Modern Dance styles or techniques based from Graham; Horton; Cunningham and Lynn Hayden's worship dance style. Though it moves right along with some explanation, it is designed for all skill levels. All are welcome.

Note: If you have had no previous modern dance technique training, it is advised that you view/practice the Modern Dance I DVD to familiarize yourself with some basic movement concepts. 

Basic Schedule

MODERN - SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2022 -  9:30AM - 11:00AM EST. 

Please arrive at 5-10 minutes prior to class, to be admitted, fellowship and get comfortable. We will begin class promptly at the start time. Please note: Class begins promptly at the start time. Should you happen to log on to Zoom after the start time, you will be placed in the waiting room until after a particular exercise is completed. 

This class will NOT be recorded. Try to make as much of it as you can. 



*Small web service fee of $1.89 will be added at check out.

NO REGISTRATIONS 'AT THE DOOR.' You may register now through 24 Hours prior to each week's class. This gives us time to administrate and send you the link(s). Please know... if you register for class the day of a class, you may possibly NOT receive your link for class until the next day. Please register (at the very least) a day or two before. Thanks.

Register now to reserve your space!

*Cost is the minimum donation amount. You are welcome to donate a greater amount to support the work of God through Dancing for Him Ministries and/or to be used as a scholarship for someone in need. Thank you for your generosity. 

Local/Travel Information


ONLINE through Zoom

Once you register, you'll be sent emails with further information. Plus (a couple days before the class), you will be given the special link to join.  


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What To Wear/Bring

Wear comfortable, modest clothing for ease of movement. Preferably ballet shoes. But if not, socks, soft slippers or wear comfortable dance shoes (like jazz sneakers, paws, etc). Bare feet are okay, but you want your feet to move easily on the floor without sticking (or slipping). 

Contact Information


Pastor Lynn Hayden
[email protected]

Please know that the day of each class, we will not be able to answer questions (until class is over). I encourage you to be sure to read all the information way ahead of time. You'll be given more details after you register as well. 


The classes are primarily geared for adults. There will be no children's classes. Children under 12 may come for free. However EACH child under 12 must be accompanied by a fully registered, participating, responsible adult (18 or older). The child's parent/guardian must read and sign their waiver form or agree to it by electronic signature. We ask that you consider the attention span of your child before registering them. Thank you.


The amount of registrations, offerings, support, etc., is absolutely non-refundable. Nor may it be applied to another conference, or class. It may not be transferred to another person. If for some unforeseen reason, regardless of the situation, you will be unable to attend any or all of the classes, your tax-deductible registration will be considered a love gift/donation to further the work of God through Dancing For Him Ministries. Thank you. NO one-day rates available. We encourage you to attend the entire event or as much of the class(es) as you are able.



*Small web service charge of $1.89

Thank you for your participation. May the blessings of the Lord overtake you...

We'll see you soon!!