Supply List

Here are the ‘suggested’ items to have handy for the various ministry activations. Remember, you may improvise and even imagine, if you don’t have any/all of the items. This is just to give you an idea, so they will be handy/near by. 

These are items that each of the people facilitating the activations have suggested. They are in order of when that activation will be done.


  1. Props you might want to use but are not required include a veil and a small or large box.  If possible hang the veil up where you will be able to pass through it.  On the other side of the veil is the treasure (box).  The veil will be removed so that you can find the treasures awaiting you in your relationship and walk with Jesus; Author and perfecter of your life. Master Storyteller. 
  2. Black cloth, picture of a sheep, a coin 
  3. We are going to the cross for every unsaved person in our life. You will need either pictures or a pen and paper to represent them. You will need something to represent the cross and the blood of Jesus, such as a red billow flag or cloth. 
  4. We need to have three elements for this activation: 1) A dress or garment. 2) A ring. 3) A pair of sandals. 
  5. Tools needed:
  • Anything that can represent a basket. Ex: plastic bag, box, basket etc.
  • 7 items or 7 pieces of paper. Write on pieces paper or have items that represent; money, family, ministry, achievements etc.  (anything that God has blessed you with, or what you are believing God for).
  • Pathway: billows, string, tape or exercise mat to create a pathway big enough to dance within. 
  • Towel or pillow… etc placed under zoom screen to cushion objects when dropped. 
  • Picture of Hand of God (provided by me) 

6. nothing or any props you have and would like to use 

7. Items Needed:  -A small glass  -Bible  -Something to represent a place of prayer (examples: towel on the floor, prayer shawl, a chair)  -A place to dance freely and lay down (can be the same place).   

8. carry something that represents a full lamp toward a white or gold billow or flag or something to represent the Lord coming on a cloud.


  1. -Hamper/basket/large duffle bag or trash bag of lots of dirty laundry or unwanted clothes. It needs to be heavy.  -post it note pad, small pad of paper, or 8.5x11 sheet of lined or blank paper and pen.  -one of the following -- sheet, blanket, tablecloth, large towel, large veil or flag, billow, or large piece of material in one of these colors-- light blue, white or red. 
  2. find something red that you can drape over your head such as a red veil, a red flag, a red billow cloth, a red streamer, etc.;  pen/paper
  3. veil/cloth, paper pen  
  4. journal, pen, scarves, flags or other props available 
  5. A pen and 2 sheets of paper , a shovel or stick or you can pretend to have a shovel.  A banner of your choice or none.  A spot to sit and abide. 
  6. A chair, white cloth, flags or other worship props, paper, pencil, a basket, a cloth of any color that represents Joy to you.  
  7. Supply list: utilize Zoom Chat, Bible or book, writing utensil, piece of paper to write on.  
  8. paper, markers, flags, veils or whatever worship ministry instruments you have