The ending dance concert is always a highlight of any conference. It is a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where we get to see what dances you have been given by the Lord. Please know that we are all here to support and encourage one another and will so appreciate seeing your dance. You do not need to be a professional at all! Simply have a worshipper's heart:) So, if it has been on your heart to present a dance, please do!

This is the current information on who desires to dance in the concert, along with their song information. As we draw closer to the time, this will be updated with more dances and the correct order.  I will be downloading your music and putting it on one playlist to go into my iPod. My playing it through the microphone will help the concert to run smoothly and sound very good. This process of downloading and transferring the music, etc. takes time.

Please send in the Youtube link with your song, as soon as possible, but no later than Monday, October 24th.

If we don't receive the song name/artist by then, we will assume you didn't mean to sign up for the concert and will remove your name from the list (though, I'd much rather hear from you:). Please send in your song names early! Thank you.