We'll do phone/chats/webinars once a month. This will be the 2nd Sunday night of each month from February - October (from 5:00-6:45 PM EST). There will be times this will change, in which case, you'll be notified on your Level 3 Facebook page. If you absolutely can not make it to the webinar, you may go back, with in two weeks and watch the recording. It will be posted on your Level 3 Facebook page.

Like in the other levels, you'll need to send in a pertinent question at least 3 days before. In the subject line, simply put: The date you are actually sending it in; your last name; then for what month it is intended. Like this: 5/4 Hayden May Chat. You will only be required to send in 5 questions. Some of these webinars will be the actual subjects for the course. 

For each school year, there will be 10 Chat/Webinars (January - October). You will be required to attend at least 5/year.

For example:
1 Year Fast Track - 5 Webinars required
3 Year Track - 5 Webinars required within each year (until you complete the course).

While your presence is appreciated at all 10, you are required to attend at least 5/year.

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