CEI (Continuing Education Intensive)

Attendance purpose is to carry out, practice and demonstrate some of the assignments with the group that will be in attendance. 

For example: your essay or upload may explain what you would do for these assignments, but you can actually "do" it at the graduation conference(s), with the other students. Examples may be: Artistic Ministry; Prophetic Dance, Dance Composition, etc. 

If you live outside the continental United States, you may be excused from the conference requirement, though we'd love to see you. However, the activations must be clearly demonstrated as well as explained in your video upload. 

For various courses, you'll need to create related activations in:

Artistic Worship
Artistic Ministry
Prophetic Dance, On the Spot and In the Spirit with Pastor Wil Bozeman's live bible lessons (creating a ministry activation right after listening to one of his messages)
Dance Composition and Choreography Technique
It is at the CEI's that you may be chosen to present your assignment/creation for the move of the month or Movement Connection. 
We may possibly do a live choreography webinar while you are there.

Since the graduation conferences are comprised primarily of DFH students and alumni, you will have groups of people on whom to perform your activations. These are wonderful opportunity to get hands on experience.

Fast Track Option - 1 Year

If you are doing the fast track (the entire course in only one year), you will be required to attend only one graduation conference during your year of study. Graduation conferences/retreats are typically held the first weekend in November. However, in 2017 it will be the first weekend in December. CLICK HERE to see the conference listing. You may register for it HERE

Extended Track Option - 3 Years

If you choose to do the 'Extended Track,' you must do 3 internships within a 3 year period from when you register for the course. One must be a Graduation Conference. The others may be another graduation conference and/or an intensive (CEI) at the DFH Studio, and/or a DFH conference. For clarification, here are the options:

3 Graduation Conferences

2 Graduation Conferences + 1 Studio CEI

2 Graduation Conferences + 1 DFH Conference

1 Graduation Conference + 2 Studio CEI's

1 Graduation Conference + 1 Studio CEI + 1 DFH Conference

1 Graduation Conference + 2 DFH Conferences

Why attend 3 CEI's for the same course? 

The tuition for the Extended Track is lower because of the extra CEI requirement. It is important to have hands on experience with a group. It is important to stay connected and be involved. Also, if you have an assignment due in February and you didn't attend the graduation conference until November three years later, the information would be a distant memory. This way, you can do the assignments and then work it out with a group a lot sooner, to gain the most benefit. 

Studio CEI

At the DFH Studio CEI's, there will need to be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 students who all agree to come and participate for the scheduled time and register by the regular rate cut off at the latest. There will be no 'door' rate. All registrations must be in one month before the event. These will typically be the 3rd weekend in January. They will be over a weekend (Friday/Saturday), just like a DFH conference schedule. Here, we will possibly take a class or two at a local studio and then come back to the DFH studio for the other activations. Also, we may possibly conduct a live Composition or Choreography webinar during one of your classes. 

CEI Cost

Graduation Conference/Retreat

The graduation/retreat cost will include 3 night's lodging, 7 meals, DFH T-shirt, Pastor Wil's newest book and conference fee. The extra early registration price is quite exceptional for all that! Information and details may be found HERE

DFH Conference

The DFH conferences are whatever the particular rate is at the time of registration. You may click on the 'Cost' tab for the particular conference of interest HERE. By the way, you may save on travel expense if you are able to host a conference at your church. The hosting information may be found HERE.

DFH Studio CEI's

These will cost the same as a typical conference and may be found HERE, if and when they become available.

CLICK HERE for more details