The same requirements as Level 1 as well as completion of Level 2 plus: 

  1. You must have either completed your DFH product library or purchase the Level II product pack
  2. Be prepared to possibly add a new DVD to the course, as one may come available.
  3. Tuition is $550 for level II and must be paid by December 31st (session 1) or July 31st (session 2) before you begin your school year. Tuition will increase to $600 beginning with the 2019 school.
  4. We'll do webinars bi-monthly. Lord willing, this will be the 2nd and 4th Sunday nights of each month from February - October for level 1 and September - May for level 2 (from 7-9PM EST). There will be times this will change, in which case, you'll be notified by email. Please make sure we always have a current email address on file. If you absolutely can not make it to the call, you may go back, with in two weeks and listen to the recording.
  5. There will be more written assignments and video uploads. Any and all essays may be placed as examples in DFH newsletters, web site or blogs. You'll research and write about: Garments of Praise; Flags/Banners and more.
  6. There are wonderful Bible lessons on worship, by Wil Bozeman (otherwise known by his ministry name, as "Wesley Scott Amos"). These lessons will be found in his book that must be purchased here or here. The student will create an activation for each lesson and upload it to the private Facebook page. 
  7. You'll be required to read the bible study about leadership, called, "Pillars of Leadership" (download version). This is where again, you'll create an activation for 9 of the chapters. Or you may get the paperback version HERE.
  8. Level 2 students will be required to attend at least two DFH conferences/events (at their own expense) with the intention of serving and possibly helping to teach a portion of a DFH class there. 
  9. In Level 2, attendance at the graduation conference may count as one of the two required conferences. If you live outside the continental United States, you may be excused from the conference requirement, though we'd love to see you.
  10. Level 2 students will help serve, participate and may possibly help minister (pray/prophesy over people) at the two conferences, during that calendar year.

Upon successful completion of the entire two year course, you will receive a Dancing For Him Ministries' Dance Ministry Leadership Certificate of License. This will stand as Dancing For Him Ministries’ approval of your ability to teach the subjects you will have learned. This also certifies you as a Worship Dance Minister, able to minister the Father's Heart through dance or the arts. This license carries a lot of weight and will serve as a solid credential to enhance your credibility as a worship dance teacher/leader/minister. Having the license is equivalent to being a Deacon in the church. So, likewise then, you would be a closely connected DFH servant/leader.  Should you desire to not be licensed through DFH, you'll instead receive a Dance Ministry Leadership Course Certificate.

The program will go according to a calendar year, beginning January 10th and ending October 24th (session 1) or beginning August 10th and ending May 24th (session 2). All assignments must be completely finished by October 24th (session 1) or May 17th (session 2), though, to graduate. 

You must be fully registered on or before December 31st for session 1 or July 31st for session 2.  If a registration is received after December 31st (session 1) or July 31st (session 2), it will be considered a donation to the ministry as it may not be applied to the following year, since Levels 1 and 2 must run concurrently. You may not skip any years before beginning Level 2. 

All assignments must be turned in by the end of each month and semester as your course outline will show. It is imperative that all assignments be turned in on time. This will be a time to learn discipline and avoid procrastination, which is a good leadership trait anyway. It is preferred that you steep yourself in the information (not just skim through quickly at the end to get the certificate) and spend time getting to know the other students and Pastor Lynn. It is an intense course and having the discipline to turn your assignments in on time will help you be relieved of any pressure at the end of the year.

To do well, you'll want to set aside about an hour a day, five days a week. Just like brushing your teeth or eating, creating a habit of setting aside that time will get you through successfully. Life will always crowd things out, unless we make a determination for disciplined success. You will be glad you will have made the effort! 

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