Registration Information

The tuition for Level 2 is $550. This does not include course materials or conferences. Tuition will increase to $600 beginning with the 2019 school). There will be absolutely no refunds or extentions of the program. If you are unable to complete the program, for any reason, the tuition will be a donation to DFH. All assignments must be completed by October 24th (session 1) or May 17th (session2) of that year. Upon successful completion of that year’s program, you will receive a Dance Minister's License Certificate. This will stand as Dancing For Him Ministries’ approval of your ability to teach the subjects you will have learned and minister the Father's heart through the arts. 

To register, please click here and enter the appropriate quantity in the box and click Buy Now. Or see the next page for the Pre-Payment option.

Please be sure to seek the Lord about this commitment to your future as a minister/teacher of worship/praise dance.

After you register (no later than December 31st for session 1 or July 31st for session 2), we will begin a folder for you and keep track of your progress. Also, on or around January 10th (session 1) or August 10 (session 2) we’ll send you an email invitation to the Facebook page where you will communicate regularly with classmates and Lynn, as well as upload video assignments. We will send you the new course outline link through email. Remember, you must complete Level 1 before joining Level 2.